Streamline the Submission Process

Easily collaborate with your broker network. Drastically improve broker and back-office efficiencies through a guided, automated submission process.

Get to Closings Faster

Simplify processing and fulfillment to maximize broker productivity and increase wholesale lending profitability through the reduction of lending cycle times.

Grow Your TPO Network

Achieve market leadership over well-established wholesale lenders by offering an easy-to-use platform for your brokers.

A simple guided Submission Portal for originators to supply supporting data and documents to complete the loan submission process.

  • Originator Dashboard

    Originators will be able to access industry news, assign wholesale account rep contact details, create originator to-do lists on live files, access the mortgage market direction and rates tracker, calculate average turnaround times, review the latest bulletins, and access lender paid compensation information.
  • Submit, Review & Edit Applications

    For borrower applications and supporting documents, originators will use the TPO Platform to import an application file, such as a Fannie Mae 3.2, then follow a simple guided process to supply supporting data and documentation (run AUS through the wholesale lender, reissue AUS Casefile ID’s) to review, edit and complete the loan submission process.
  • Review Underwriting Summary

    Originators will have access to a copy of the same 1008 Form that the underwriter will be reviewing.
  • Run & Review Credit, PPE & AUS Results

    Originators will be able to review borrower information, add new borrowers, run or reissue credit, view credit reports and history, run pricing—everything from selecting the product type to registering the loan—and run AUS.
  • Generate, Review & eSign Loan Estimate & Disclosures

    Originators will be able to view loan estimate fees and service providers (with the ability to change AMC’s), loan detail reports, initial disclosure stacks and regenerate disclosures if/when necessary as well as complete the eSigning process.

After completing the submission process, the MLO Command Center enables the fulfillment of loan requirements including editing fees, running pricing, requesting and satisfying conditions.

  • Closing Center & Income Tax Analysis

    When working existing files, originators will be able to access the closing center to begin the closing disclosures process, view loan progress milestones and access any actionable broker requirements. Additionally, originators will be able to upload borrower tax returns for income tax analysis utilizing a data extraction through our partnership integrations.
  • Change Requests & Change of Circumstance

    Originators can describe and document change requests and change of circumstance requests from within their MLO Command Center.
  • Lock Pricing

    The ability to lock and float pricing can also be performed in the originators MLO Command Center.
  • Conditions & Documents

    Originators can view and issue conditions, upload documents, review closed conditions and disclosures. Additional features allow originators to upload a single document or a bulk file that fulfills multiple conditions.
  • Status Updates

    A detailed view of the loan file status is shown in the milestone overview, complete with audit trails of changes that have been made through the application and submission process.
  • Product Matrix & Resources

    The product matrix features PDF documents of wholesale lender rate sheets in standard format. Access to a repository of frequently utilized documents, information and web links are also available on the platform.